Thermal Dog Outfitters

Varmint Control Services

Also if you are having varmint issues such as hog, bobcat, and coyote please call us as we also have services to assist you with this area. Don't let those critters continue to kill your livestock or destroy your land. We can assist in curbing the frequency these animals come around via trapping and strong hunting pressure. Let us use our surgical tools and techniques to assist you.

At thermal Dog outfitters we pride ourselves in being different. Don't expect to sit in a stand and wait for the critters to come to you but we do have that option also. We will go and call for coyotes before sunset and after. We will ride around checking several fields from a distance using thermal to scout. Once we find them we will start a stalk and try to get you an opportunity for a shot. If we have time we will attempt to call coyotes one last time. Yes this is not your ordinary hunt. Its a very active and fun experience. You will be able to see critters along the way you never knew were there from armadillos, rabbits, skunks, and raccons to name a few. Heck we may even see deer. I hope you look forward to this as much as we look forward to taking you on a hunt.


Not just another ordinary hunt.