We are excited to also offer assistance to private property owners who are having varmint issues. We know the frustration that hogs cause to property and the effects that coyotes have on livestock. We pride ourselves in providing a surgical approach in curbing the effects these varmints cause each and everyday but more importantly at night when they are difficult to detect. Let us assist you in turning the tide that these critters cause.

                                 Varmint Control of Hogs

We use several approaches to assist you. One way is to find them via thermal at night when they are most comfortable. Using thermal equipment we can kill many hogs and provide the meat to the owners or donate to local food banks. A secondary option is trapping through various methods. We tend to use both options which causes pressure to hogs so the ones that survive move on. All we have to do is follow up every other week.

                             Varmint Control of Coyotes

Coyotes tend to be a critter that can be called in using various methods. We will use both manual vocal and electronic calling. We have the tools that will allow us to hunt them both during the day and dark of night when they are more comfortable and let their guard down.

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